2016: The Year to Strengthen Your Defenses Against Cybercrime

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Maintaining strong security should be a major priority for both large and small companies. A recent study done by Skyhigh Networks and showed that the average business faces more than 16 data breaches per month. These security breaches not only cost you money but also put your clients’ information at risk and tarnish your company’s name.


This is the reality of businesses in 2015:

  • 89% of organizations have one or more insider threats per month caused by privileged users misusing their administrative authority.
  • 28% of staff members uploaded sensitive information to unsecure cloud storage services – making it more susceptible to public viewing.

These numbers have increase significantly from findings in 2014, which means that security should be a growing concern for your company. Let’s face it, the security measures you implemented in 2015 just aren’t going to cut it for 2016. You need to stay informed, in order to stay ahead of the hackers and combat their sophisticated attacks:

  • Be suspicious of emails: If you receive an email from someone you’ve never met, or even a friend that doesn’t usually send that type of message, verify who the sender is before opening any attachments.
  • Be careful with links: Instead of clicking a link to your bank or any other website via a link sent to you/found on the Internet, make sure you type the link into the address bar to avoid going to phony websites.
  • Be weary of attachments: Unless you’re completely certain where the attachment came from and what’s included in the attachment, don’t open it. Even if it’s sent from a friend – if you weren’t expecting it, trash it.

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