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Does Your GTA Medical Clinic Have The Right IT Services?

Why Risk Your Practice With An IT Company Who Doesn't Understand How Medical Clinics Use Information Technology?

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Would you be willing to risk the livelihood of your clients’ sensitive data on your current disaster recovery solution?

Partner with Alary Clinitech for comprehensive Data Backup & Business Continuity plans that leave you worry-free, leaving you to focus on what matters most – your patients!

Digital information is the lifeblood of any modern day clinic or practice. Which is why Alary Clinitech has partnered with Background Backup to provide you with automated, encrypted back up services to a secure Canadian location – ensuring you have quick and easy access to your client’s personal health information when disaster strikes.

Background Backup protects and stores your data to secure, encrypted to ensure privacy, data servers right here in Canada, meaning your data is kept IN Canada. Feel at ease knowing that you’ll get the protection your clinic or practice needs with enterprise-level security (448-bit data encryption and 128-bit web communications encryption). The technology behind Background Backup is enterprise-class and fully proven; the effortless user experience delivers hassle-free peace of mind.

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Our team of certified Apple experts understand that when it comes to right Data Backup and Business Continuity plan, it must address systems and solutions that affect business critical functions such as software, data, hardware, and any additional IT infrastructure a clinic or practice needs to thrive, which is why we:

  • We never just tell you the best option for your clinic or practice – We work with you to assess your needs and goals to determine the right plan to follow in case of disaster. Your entire team is provided with clear and concise policies and procedures to deal with a disruption, so in the event of any issues, you’re day-to-day operations continue running smoothly.
  • Our regular monitoring and testing of your backup processes guarantee they are ready to be used, documenting gaps and errors to prevent the possibility of failed backups that keep you from staying operational in times of need.
  • You have peace of mind knowing that when a disaster hits, Alary Clinitech is working to restore your operations quickly and effectively. You’re able to continue focusing on patient care and access your resources, so that downtime doesn’t cripple your operations, causing delays in the care your patients receive.

Don’t compromise the livelihood of your patients just because your IT partner simply isn’t prepared. Get in touch with Alary Clinitech to discuss the best protection for your clinic or practice by sending us an email to or calling us at (416) 291-7377.

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