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Does Your GTA Medical Clinic Have The Right IT Services?

Why Risk Your Practice With An IT Company Who Doesn't Understand How Medical Clinics Use Information Technology?

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EMR Solution Ontario

Cyber Security for Ontario Medical Clinics and Healthcare Organizations

With security breaches on the rise in today’s modern healthcare environment, you have a responsibility to guard the privacy of your patient’s electronic protected health information!

Alary Clinitech offers Apple IT services and solutions for medical clinics like yours, designed to enhance security, ensure compliance with regulations, and make it easier for you and your staff to get work done.

We specialize in helping you take advantage of Apple products because we know they’re much more secure and less prone to viruses and/or malware infection, and ultimately, they reduce total cost of ownership as a result of less issues leading to downtime.

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Get focused on taking care of your patients – our certified Apple experts provide the right Apple IT services and solutions your business needs for you to feel worry-free. We work with you to determine and analyze your current business IT environment to ensure the right Apple devices are implemented – ensuring you get the most return on your technology investment while keeping your sensitive data safe and secure. We’re able to:

  • Protect the PHI of your patients with comprehensive security, including encryption, user authentication, password protection, malware protection, and much more.
  • Maintain compliance with HIPAA through regular comprehensive security audits and risk assessments designed to help you better adhere to requirements.
  • Create policies on data access and storage to help your staff members avoid accidental data breach resulting from errors or lack of proper security measures.
  • Monitor and maintain your IT systems around-the-clock to immediately detect and resolve any issues that arise, in order to avoid downtime that impacts patient care.

We are Mac EMR’s (the OMA approved ones) experts, working with you every step of the way to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day business operations and improve your patient care.

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