5 Ways to Protect Your Organization against Ransomware

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ransonwareIn the last 5 years, ransomwares have managed to extort more than $1 billion from their unsuspecting victims. The most notorious of them all, Cryptowall 3.0, have managed to gain $325 million in less than a year after being deployed. Cryptowall 4.0, its smarter, meaner successor is now infecting thousands – if not millions of computers worldwide – and yours could be next.

Cryptowall 4.0 is just the latest in a string of ransomware infections that have created a screeching halt into the operations of businesses worldwide. To add insult to injury, the new version is essentially the same malware, only with more elements to make the encryption much more aggravating to the user to compel them to pay up for releasing the encryption on their files.

Cyber criminals are becoming craftier with their malware, and you can expect broader attacks to take place in the near future. Are you equipped to shield your organization from ransomware? Here are 5 ways to protect your organization against ransomware:

  1. User awareness

Like any IT security expert will tell you, security starts with the user. The attack vector for Cryptowall 4.0 is still e-mail; attacks which could be easily prevented if everyone in your organization is aware of the best practices for IT Security. An hour spent orienting your staff about the risk factors and red flags will greatly decrease your risk for ransomware infection.

  1. Backup your files

Cryptowall and similar ransomwares work by encrypting your files, effectively preventing access without the pass-key. These encryption malwares are essentially meaningless if you backup your cryptowall-free files and simply run a backup after getting infected. Back-up your files to ensure that you still have access to your files in case a malware gets through security.

  1. Update software

Software updates shouldn’t be ignored simply because you don’t have the time to do it. Software maintenance is a key factor in ensuring that your system is protected from any exploits. In the past year, the vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player gave birth to up to 8 major exploits. Tap the assistance of an IT security expert to efficiently maintain all of your software to prevent exploits.

  1. Antivirus protection

Installing an antivirus is important to fend off cyber attacks and infections from ransomware, and just like any other software, you would need to keep your antivirus up-to-date with the latest virus definitions to be properly protected. Viruses and malware are discovered every day, and AV software providers are always rolling out updates to help your system identify and prevent these attacks from happening.

  1. Work with a professional IT Service

The best protection for your organization is working with a professional IT Service company that offers IT Security. It’s the equivalent of putting a virtual SWAT team to protect your business from cyber-attacks. All the other methods to protect your organization from ransomware will divert your time and effort from the things that matter most. Working with a professional IT service that specializes in IT security will give you the best cost-effective solution in preventing your organization from ransomware and cyber-attacks.

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