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The new iOS 9 update has everyone talking, Apple has made a major update that can be highly beneficial to better suit your busy work days. The iOS 9 update was created to fix glitches deep within the software rather than to dress it up. Apple has added quite a few nifty quirks to their Maps app and Siri, better secured their Notes app, and brought some bigger changes to the iPhone’s performance.

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The new iOS 9 Key Elements:

  1. Longer Battery Life:

With ambient light and proximity sensors, you can extend your battery life with lower settings that adjust accordingly. They’ve also added a new Low Power mode, so your battery life is extended up to one hour before charging if you just can’t make it in time.

  1. Improved Security:

Security is crucial when you use your phone to store private, personal, or work information. Apple has added a strengthened 6-digit passcode for access to your phone along with a 2-factor authentication. When you sign in from another device, you’ll be prompted for a verification code that will be sent straight to your phone or primary device. Simply type in the passcode and you’ll have instant access once again.

  1. iCloud Drive:

If you’re an avid user of Apple’s iCloud Drive app, then you’re in for a surprise. They have created a stand-alone application and paired it up with the new iOS 9 upgrade. This feature allows you to access all your files in one easy-to-use spot on the home page. But first, you must enable the iCloud Drive by navigating through Settings-iCloud-iCloud Drive in order for it to appear.

With iCloud Drive, you can store:

  • Images,
  • Documents,
  • PDFs,
  • Presentations, and

This app helps you keep your company’s files well-organized and it’s accessible from all your devices, including your iPhone, Mac Book and iPad. Work on the go is now much easier; take your work wherever you are, access it anytime, and save any edits made across all devices.


  1. Notes:

Apple’s Notes App is so much more than just a place to update and store your grocery list. Big changes have come to the app, making it much more user friendly, fun, and secure.

With Notes you can:

  • Add a photo, web or map link,
  • Draw sketches,
  • Create easy to-do lists,
  • Take photos, and
  • Access Notes from all devices through iCloud.

You have the option to import links from other applications you are using right onto the Notes app and save it for future reference. If you’re worried you won’t be able to find it easily, the Attachments Browser organizes it for you.

What else is new with the Notes App is its security. You now have the ability to protect a note – anything from personal information to banking information to just a regular entry, will now be secure with Password Protection and Touch ID.

  1. Maps:

Although Google Maps is still the primarily chosen Maps application, Apple is working on following suit. Maps allows you to easily find public transportation information; once a route is planned, it will bring up schedules and step-by-step directions.

  • Nearby: Whether you forgot to grab your lunch and need something quick and close, or need to do a little last minute shopping, this option brings up the locations nearest to you.
  • Transit: Locating schedules and a mode of transportation can get quite frustrating and confusing, but with the new Transit addition, it does all the work for you so you don’t have to be lost or late again.
  • Flyover: Now with 3D Flyover, you can take a tour of the city from a bird’s eye view. You have options to tilt, pan, rotate and zoom to roam around the cities and their famous landmarks.


  • Traffic: With handy ETA calculations, you can find out just how long it might take you to get to work. If there are nasty traffic backups and it just doesn’t look like you’re going to make it, Maps offers you alternate routes and their ETA’s so you can figure out whether you need to give a heads up to work or not.


  1. iPad Performance:

The new iOS 9 upgrade has probably made the biggest impact on the iPad. Now it’s easy to work and play thanks to a few of their new functions.

  • Slide over: Slide Over allows you to literally do two things at the same time. When you swipe left to right, another application will share a third of the screen with your primary app. If you finish with that application, swipe it down and go through your others.


  • Split View: Similar to Slide Over, Split View allows you to use two active applications at the same time. Both of these apps share the screen 50/50 so it’s easier to focus.


  • Picture in Picture: If you’re using FaceTime for an important business meeting or just personal use, you can still navigate your emails, the web or any important documents to keep working or easily access other applications.


  • Keyboard Shortcuts: By simply moving two fingers on your keyboard, you can select, edit and move text much easier. You also have the option to flawlessly use any keyboard and create shortcuts to some of your favorite apps.


  1. Your Proactive Assistant:

A new and improved Siri and Search makes it easier for you to find information you want – and fast. A more intelligent Siri offers a wider and more accurate range of answers for your inquiries. Collecting information from your day-to-day use, Siri can be helpful by automatically making suggestions once you type in certain messages, contacts or information. You can also ask Siri to set reminders for you to help keep your work day organized.

Also, when you receive an email with a phone number in it but forget to save that number, if the person calls you then Siri can pull the number and information from the email and make a suggestion on who it might be before you even answer.

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