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Microsoft Office 365Microsoft is the best choice for almost all daily work in the office, whether it’s Word for document processing, Outlook for email or Excel for spreadsheets, so why not get the most out of those services? Microsoft Office 365’s latest Cloud-based features have a lot to offer businesses, but could it expose your company to new risks?

Can Microsoft Office 365 Affect Your Business’ Security?

A healthy dose of skepticism is expected with any new technology, but with the right consultation from an expert provider like Alary Clinitech, you can leverage the full power of Office 365 without taking on any risks. Office 365 connects each and every Microsoft application with the Cloud, making your tasks more convenient and user-friendly, and actually eliminates further risks with new innovations.

Alary Clinitech can help your Oshawa, Toronto and Southern Ontario business make the most of Microsoft Office 365, ensuring a smooth transition and setup. To learn more about Microsoft Office 365, contact Alary Clinitech today at (416) 291-7377 or

How Can Microsoft Office 365 Reduce Your Risks?

Alary Clinitech can give you access to Microsoft’s many Cloud-based features, including:

  • “99.9% Uptime Guaranteed” means minimal interruptions:Alary Clinitech can ensure minimal unexpected downtime or inconvenient planned maintenance, allowing you and your employees to work efficiently and without delay.
  • Smooth transition means fewer migration issues:Alary Clinitech can smooth your migration to Office 365 services with industry-leading practices. With our help, you can be sure that no email, file, or calendar is missing from your newly configured setup.
  • Sensible fees that limit financial risk:Due to the very nature of Cloud computing, there is almost no up-front capital required to pay for any physical hardware or the space to store it.
  • Safety in Cloud means lower chance of data loss: By operating through the Cloud, your files, emails and other data is stored offsite in secure locations. These effective archiving services ensure not only that you have access to your data from remote workstations and mobile devices, but also that an up-to-date version is available at a moment’s notice should your onsite copy be compromised during an emergency.

Make the most of the Microsoft applications you already use! With our help you can optimize your Oshawa, Toronto and Southern Ontario business’ Microsoft configuration for better accessibility, security and convenience. Contact Alary Clinitech today to start your transition to the Cloud.

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