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A look at Apple CareKit and how it helps patients monitor their health.

Since mobile devices are becoming a huge part of our everyday lives, it should come as no shock that an app would come along and change how we monitor our health. CareKit is one of those powerful applications, as it allows individuals to manage and share medical issues directly with their doctor. From depression tracking to diabetes management, CareKit is gradually changing the medical industry by remaining for the patient and keeps doctors informed in regards to their health developments.

Apple Care Healthcare

A Look At CareKit

What’s great about CareKit is that it shares a lot of the valuable traits that HealthKit and ResearchKit carry. As for HealthKit, it is known as a platform that allows access to the iPhone’s sensor for various health information/metrics. ResearchKit is known as a platform that gives scientists the ability to run scientific studies (via iPhone) to recruit participants. Being much like the health tracking applications made before it, CareKit allows one to track their food intake, weight, and even activity levels. However, CareKit doesn’t only focus on following or creating data for research, as it is more geared towards allowing individuals to track their medical progress and concentrate on specific symptoms. In addition to this, CareKit is driven to appeal to doctors who need to monitor a patient remotely.

CareKit Modules

One of the most appealing aspects of the CareKit is the fact that it offers four modules for health management. Such modules for health management include:

  • Interactive Post-Surgery Plans/Patient Care Plans
  • Symptom Measurements
  • Health Team Communication
  • Progress Updates

CareKit Security

Given the sensitive information that CareKit carries, many test runs were provided before launch to make sure that the application was reliable and safe for patients/doctors. One of the trial run companies was One Drop, a diabetes tech startup that utilized CareKit for their services. One Drop found that CareKit worked incredibly well for their services given its elegant framework and simple/user-friendly interface. Another company that took a liking to CareKit’s services was Glow, which is a service that focuses on the pregnancy process and the baby’s first year. Glow took such a liking to CareKit during the test run that it plans on using their service for their other applications as well.

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