Hackers Can Spy and Take Screenshots with New Mac Virus

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A recently-discovered virus targeting Mac computers is also being characterized as “backdoor spying software,” and which can covertly grab confidential data from computers, is codenamed “Mokes”. Discovered in January of this year by Stefan Orloff of Kaspersky Labs, Mokes was revealed to be a quite sophisticated cross-platform malware strain which also works on Linux and Windows operating systems in addition to now having a variant for OS X.

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It is a rare cross-system threat can secretly take screenshots (once every 30 seconds, according to reports), log keystrokes, take audio and video clips of users via webcam, and access computer files. It can even remotely control a targeted device if hackers choose to do so. This new malware strain poses a particularly menacing threat, because it can infiltrate pretty much any computer running in the world, with more operational latitude than any other malware virus in recent memory – if not ever.

With Mokes, hackers have declared that they can take total control of your computer, with little warning or fanfare other than the sudden realization that this OS X variant, also known as Mokes.A is monitoring, recording, and controlling the entirety of your computer. The screenshots and key logs get saved into a temp file location on infected computers, which are then sent to the attacker’s command and control (C&C) server using a secure encryption tool called AES-256.

Imagine the severe consequences of getting hit with this latest malware strain – especially if you are a business: Any and all sensitive data, including credit card numbers, user information, passwords, and other authentication and verification data is almost instantly put at the fingertips of increasingly aggressive cybercriminals. Even if your data is encrypted, the Mokes malware virus can, apparently, easily decipher such data with new built-in decryption tools.

The Mokes strain of malware should finish off forever the erroneous belief held by Apple Mac owners that their devices are safer from cyberattack than PCs. Mac owners need to quit bypassing security measures, then, and run the proper security measures which they have been ignoring, to large extent.

Stefan Orloff recommends that Mac owners take standard security precautions and regularly run antivirus software on all devices on their network to identify and destroy viruses like Mokes. Orloff advises, “Don’t install software from untrusted sources, and keep the operating system and applications updated.”

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