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As technology advances, so do the methods hackers use to victimize businesses both large and small. While the government focuses on cyberterrorism, automobile or medical device hacking, and infrastructure threats, businesses need to proactively prepare for new emerging threats (mobile computing, social media, cloud computing) but also more traditional security challenges (termination processes, password management, and phishing emails). The only certainty is that cybercrime will continue to grow in 2016 in many of the following ways:

  • continued use of sophisticated phishing and spear-phishing attacks;
  • extortion attempts using ever-more-sophisticated ransomware;
  • attacks on point-of-sale systems not yet using chip-and-pin technology;
  • Card-Not-Present (CNP) credit card fraud will spike dramatically[1];
  • mobile device malware designed to steal corporate information.

Despite these predictions, less than 40% of businesses are proactively reviewing and upgrading their security program.

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How Will Alary Clinitech Assess Your IT Security Measures?

From security processes, training and awareness, to implementation of new security technologies, businesses must prepare for 21st century cyber security threats or risk extinction!

Alary Clinitech is here to help guide and protect you.  We’ll perform a detailed security review to identify the most dangerous and most likely risks to your business.  We’ll determine whether and how you’re meeting your regulatory, legal, environmental, and operational requirements.  We’ll develop related policies, processes, and customized cyber-security training to help your employees spot and defeat attacks and maintain compliance. We’ll protect employees against the inevitable clicks and errant web surfing attacks using technological countermeasures designed to go above and beyond today’s antivirus software in order to fend off attacks!

How Will Alary Clinitech Strengthen Your IT Security Measures?

Strengthening your security program is relatively straightforward with the right focus and attention. Creating or updating existing policies, adding critical procedures, and deploying technical safeguards provide much needed peace of mind. Did you know that, unlike Sony, Target, and Anthem, all of whom are still in business following major security breaches, 60% of Small and Medium sized businesses go out-of-business within 6 months of a security breach[2]? Alary Clinitech’s security shield is designed to address the most common risks facing your business including:

  • Access controls: do your terminated users still have access to 3rd party websites used by your company to conduct its business?
  • Cyber awareness: are employees trained to spot phishing and social engineering attempts?
  • Regular maintenance is antiquated equipment vulnerable to compromise from missing patches and unsupported software?
  • Technical safeguards: today companies need more than just They need additional technologies including password managers, DNS protections, advanced UTM firewalls, data encryption, and multi-factor authentication schemes.

2016 will be full of both new and traditional threats and vulnerabilities!  Alary Clinitech knows how to protect you and your data.  Schedule an IT security review with our team of professionals to get ahead of emerging cyber-threats. Call (416) 291-7377 or email us info@clinitech.ca today.

[1] Card-Not-Present Fraud Spike in a Post-EMV Environment:  https://www.emc.com/collateral/white-papers/card-not-present-fraud-post-emv-env-wp.pdf

[2] http://www.insurancefortechs.com/60-small-businesses-fail-data-breach.html

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