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Does Your GTA Medical Clinic Have The Right IT Services?

Why Risk Your Practice With An IT Company Who Doesn't Understand How Medical Clinics Use Information Technology?

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Ensure you’re Clinic or Practice Receives Only the Best Quality Care with Alary Clinitech’s Guarantee

We’ve seen too many clinics and practices across Oshawa, Toronto and Southern Ontario suffer from IT support that has been inadequate and not capable of meeting their client’s needs. Your clinic or practice deserves more than just an IT fix-it guy who comes in when he can get your issue resolved. You need a trusted IT partner who cares about the needs of your clinic or practice and who will ensure you leverage the most out of your Apple technology to help you keep focused on your number one priority – your patient care!

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That’s why Alary Clinitech follows a 100% IT Satisfaction Guarantee with the Apple services and solutions we provide to every clinic and practice we work with. No matter the size of your clinic or practice in the Oshawa, Toronto and Southern Ontario area, we will follow our policy to the letter to ensure your clinic or practice is treated with the same care and respect as all our clients.

Alary Clinitech stakes its reputation on the offer of our IT Guarantee, and we know that because of our dedication to these goals, you’ll get great results every time. That’s why we make these promises to each of our contracted clients:

Support Responses within 1 Hour

When our client calls or emails to get support on Apple issues or with an IT-related question, we ensure that one of our certified and qualified Apple technicians either answers immediately or returns their call or email within 1 hour.

No Hassles Ever – Guaranteed

No matter what Apple Business Solutions we’re offering you for you clinic or practice, our goal is to ensure your satisfaction. If you’re ever unsatisfied with any service we’ve provided, we will return to repeat or correct the service at no additional charge to you. We strive to ensure your clinic or practice always thrives!

Quick Repairs with Results Guarantee

Our team of certified Apple professionals understand how valuable your time is, and that every moment your technology isn’t working means time spent not working with patients, resulting in lost revenue. With our remote service we can start to work on your technology problem right away, keeping you from having to wait for a certified technician to show up. We’ll come on site though if we can’t remotely fix the issue. And if we can’t fix you’re IT related problem then you don’t pay us at all – guaranteed!

Unbiased & Honest Advice – Guaranteed

With Alary Clinitech you can feel rest assured knowing we have your best interests in mind and never try to sell you technology you don’t need. We listen to you first and ask the right questions to make sure we know exactly what the issue is and what your goals are, and together, we’ll come up with the best solutions and services that align with your needs.

Always On-Time & On-Budget

Regardless of the service or solution we’re providing for your clinic or practice, we always work with fixed fees, so you know exactly what you’ll need to pay for our work every time. Feel at ease knowing that no unexpected surprises like hidden charges will be added ensuring we always meet your IT budget and we guarantee it!

Looking to leverage Apple technology for your clinic or practice? Gain peace of mind knowing your IT is managed by dedicated and certified Apple professionals with our IT Guarantee. Learn more by giving us a call at (416) 291-7377 or sending us an email to info@clinitech.ca.    

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