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Dealing with mental health on a multidisciplinary level, a healthcare clinic was relying heavily on its information technology in order to carry out daily operations. It was crucial for this clinic to know their IT provider was going to be responsive and proactive, which is why they turned to Alary Technologies.

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Similar to any company, as a healthcare clinic continues to grow, they need an IT provider that’s able to help them face challenges relating to data security, communication, and more.

The Situation: A Busy Healthcare Environment in Need of A Responsive & Efficient Team to Handle Their IT Environment!

A healthcare clinic was facing significant challenges working with an IT provider that was not responsive or proactive. After dealing with various issues, including a backup failure, it was clear they needed somebody that they could trust to take on all of their IT needs, and that could be available and responsive when they needed help.

The Solution: A Knowledgeable & Up-to-Date IT Support Team Capable of Providing the Technologies & Availability Needed!

The efficiency and reliability of Alary Technologies is what made a colleague of the clinic owner recommend them for help. The healthcare clinic signed on with Alary Technologies, and they haven’t looked back since.

On a daily basis, Alary Technologies does a lot for the healthcare clinic, and have implemented many upgrades as well, including:

  • 2 new Mac mini servers that will be mirrored for redundancy and high availability – the data is stored on a RAID 5 system and encrypted.
  • Backups to 3 local drives and one secure offsite location in Ottawa.
  • A new Cisco firewall VPN router and gigabit switches to ensure security and performance.
  • For wireless, covered the whole clinic with Apple Airport expresses – one on each of the 4 floors to maintain a smooth wifi network.
  • Budget improvements by working very closely with Apple to supply the latest hardware at very competitive prices.

As Alary Technologies is an Apple authorized service center, they’re able to maintain their network and day to day support, including hardware repairs.

The Outcome:  Educated, Innovative, & Committed IT Support Capable of Handling Their Fast-Paced, Essential IT Environment!

Since working with Alary Technologies, this healthcare clinic has seen substantial benefits to finances and work flow. Coordinating Manager for the healthcare clinic expresses appreciation, saying, “We continue to work with Alary Technologies due to the fact that they are quite educated and knowledge based with current upgrades, and their commitment to their customers.”

The Coordinating Manager beams, “Alary Technologies is very knowledgeable and capable of delivering their very best when it comes to there IT services. You feel that they will not let you down.”

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