Simplify Your Workday With These Office 365 Updates for July 2018

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Microsoft is always looking for great ways to make your workflow easier. That’s why they continuously update their products. The July 2018 updates to Office 365 are especially unique and should prove to be very helpful to users.

Upgrades To The Ribbon

Microsoft introduced the ribbon in its Office 2007 software. It replaced those traditional menus and toolbars that users were so familiar with. Though the changes did cause somewhat of a stir in the community of users, soon everyone came to appreciate the ribbon. It went over so well that Microsoft continued to update the ribbon each year to include greater functionalities.

Today, no one can imagine Office 365 without the ribbon. With that said, the new updates for Office 365 July 2018 include larger graphical controls on the ribbon that are more visible and grouped in a logical manner. Ribbon functions are more accessible and easier to use. Microsoft’s goal with this update was to make it easier for users to collaborate and connect with others.

The ribbon is also more intuitive now. It puts those commands you’re currently using front and center so they’re available when you need them.

Now there’s only one row of buttons instead of two, which helps to keep the commands you use at the forefront of what you’re working on. This allows more space for your document content. If you’re a big fan of the old ribbon that had two rows of commands, you can easily restore that look with the toggle of a button. Restoring the classic view has been made simple.

The new simplified ribbon is scheduled to be released first in the web version of Word. It will be rolled out to a special group of Office insiders in July. Microsoft will take the feedback from these users, then adjust their updates before rolling out the new Office applications to all users.

Sharepoint Integration

Integration has always been a big thing for Office 365 applications. The Office team has gone one step further with new ways to embed Planner into SharePoint sites. Now the Office 365 productivity solutions that everyone loves are even easier to access. For instance, the SharePoint navigation bar gives all team members the ability to manage tasks directly from SharePoint. Outlook, Calendars, and Microsoft Teams are still available from most applications.

A new button on the SharePoint page allows users to add a plan from Planner. Designing a SharePoint page that has plan details is a breeze. Simply head over to the SharePoint page with the plan details, then click on the Edit button. Locate the area where you want your plan displayed, then click the Plus sign, and select the new Planner web part.

Microsoft Teams Updates

SharePoint integration for Microsoft Teams has been greatly simplified as well. Users can add files directly into the Teams interface right from SharePoint. They can also link an entire SharePoint document library in Microsoft Teams.

Teams have become a favorite meeting application with all the Microsoft apps accessible from the Teams interface. This app took a huge leap forward when Teams was recently updated to allow for links to an entire SharePoint document library. This offers fast, convenient ways to share the SharePoint document library with your whole team. Expect to see more exclusive updates to Microsoft Teams in the future, as it has now become an indispensable part of everyone’s workday. It’s revolutionizing the way people communicate.

New Chat Functions

The Team’s chat experience has been improved to add more flexibility to participants. For instance, if you are involved in a chat that is no longer relevant, you can easily duck out of the meeting. You can also hide a chat if you need to do so or mute a chat if you need to focus on some other task at the moment.

Sway for iOS

Microsoft announced its most extensive update in history on May 30th to Sway for iOS. Now users will find it easier than ever to create a Sway from beginning to end on their iPhone or iPad. Users can quickly toggle between Edit and Preview modes. Add and reorganize text and media in the Edit mode.

Preview lets you see your Sway as others will see it. You can also make easy and fast changes to your Design with the toggle of a button. Edit mode has been simplified to an all-white canvas where users can add photos and videos from the camera or take a new photo. Tap on an image to resize it or add a caption. Photo grouping has been simplified as well. Drag and drop one image onto another to create a new image group.

Sway on iOS allows for the addition of lists, bullets, links, blockquotes, and more with the single tap of a button. Once you have your Sway completed, it’s easy to share or you can invite friends to collaborate. The Sway app for iOS is available from the Apple Store and it’s more fun than ever to use.

Microsoft Office 365

Wrap Up

The Office 365 Updates for July 2018 all about ease and convenience. You can do more in less time. It’s well worth it to learn these easy new ways to use Office 365 so you can shave time off your workday and get more done each day.

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