The Best Online Grammar and Plagiarism Tools for Checking Your Writing

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Anyone who has passed a high school English class can tell you two things—writing is tough and plagiarism is wrong. Hiring an outside writer from a website such as Fiverr is a great way to create great content without exerting an overabundance of effort, but not every freelancer is honest.

Online Plagiarism Tools

That’s why it is incredibly important to take a little extra time to investigate the text to ensure it free from error and completely unique. Here is a list of the best online grammar and plagiarism tools for checking your writing.

What’s the Best Tool for Checking Spelling, Grammar, and Plagiarism?

While it is one of the most expensive tools on this list, Grammarly is hands down the best option for those who want to check everything including spelling, grammar, and plagiarism. This gives you the best of both worlds—a place to test your outsourced content for errors and the ability to quickly edit your own writing before sending out a social media post or important email.

Grammarly even offers plugins for Microsoft Office, Outlook, and various web browsers to give you easy access when you need to scan a document quickly. A limited version is available for free, but to enjoy all of the robust benefits including plagiarism detection it is recommended that you subscribe to the app.

What is the Best Tool for Checking Just Plagiarism?

If your only need is to check against duplicate content, then Plagiarism Checker X is an excellent choice. Compare multiple documents to search for repeated phrasing or deeply scan the web to find sources of plagiarism. You may also input a specific web address to find other sites matching particular phrasing, which is especially helpful to determine if your website’s unique content is being ripped off by other bloggers.

The program offers a limited option with a free trial or a more substantial one-time subscription fee for additional features. As a bonus, Plagiarism Checker X also comes with a keyword analysis tool that provides the number of times a particular word is used in a piece and the density of keywords.

Which Online Plagiarism Tools Allows Me to Scan the Web Automatically for Plagiarism?

In most academic circles, Copyscape is the gold standard for duplicate content and plagiarism checking. Why? This easy-to-use tool features the option to insert a URL and find instances of the same copy elsewhere on the web without having to set up an account. However, if you want the option to copy text into the checker, you’ll need to sign up and pay for credits.

This app does include a unique feature very applicable to bloggers and digital marketers alike: a monthly subscription service called Copysentry that sends you alerts anytime it finds content from your website elsewhere on the internet.

For developers, Copyscape also provides an API integration for quick scanning. This is especially helpful for those creating software aimed at the education sector where instructors need the ability to quickly and efficiently spot instances of plagiarism.

Which Plagiarism Checker Tool Offers Support for Multiple Languages?

While most plagiarism checker apps feature support for a variety of major languages, Plagiarisma is your best bet. This expansive program offers duplication checking for up to 190 global languages. It also allows you to paste text into an in-browser box or upload a document. Accepted file extensions include DOX, DOCX, TXT, XML, PDF, RTF, HTML, and a whole host of others to help meet your needs.

Not sure you want to use an online interface? Plagiarisma has several different plugins including those for Blackberry and multiple popular software programs. As with the other tools mentioned above, both a limited free version and paid versions are available.

What’s the Best Tool for Checking Readability?

If you’re just concerned about checking readability, then the Hemingway App is an excellent option. This free web-based service and allows you to paste in any text of your choice. It then information about sentence structure, passive voice use, and approximate reading level. This is an excellent tool for use on emails, white papers, memos, and other important documents where sounding authoritative and professional is important.

Outsourcing content is a great way to maximize efficiency. Using these plagiarism and grammar tools help ensure your text is original and free from errors.

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