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Relying heavily on their software, hardware, servers, and offsite storage, Trevelyan Architect Inc. realized they needed to get control of their IT situation, and that they couldn’t do everything alone. That’s when Alary Technologies came in – offering reliable, fast, complete solutions with no hidden costs.

When the time comes where a company owner notices there is just too much on the plate in front of them, challenges can arise as they try to delegate responsibility into new hands. With their IT environment staying close to top-priority for most companies, it can be especially difficult to find the proper hands to hold it – and the wrong hands can bring especially big challenges.

The Situation: A Need for Consistent & Up-to-Date IT Management to Take a Load Off of Their Plates!

Ken Trevelyan, OAA of Trevelyan Architect Inc. explains how the company found itself in need of an IT team, saying, “I have a large and growing knowledge base for my work as an architect, and I have realized that I can’t do everything – that I do need a team member who can look after this one relatively small but crucial part of my practice.”

The members at Trevelyan Architect Inc. rely heavily on their software and hardware, as well as their servers and storage. With their technologies and support being so vital to business, Trevelyan Architect Inc. had to make their decision wisely. Trevelyan remarks, “I have used large companies with mixed results. I do prefer having a consistent representative, who knows my system, to talk to when I have an issue.” – and that was Alary Technologies.

The Solution: Fast Service & Clear Communication That Increases Productivity & Eases the Mind!

“I had Alary Technologies look at a computer with a hardware problem first. It was repaired quickly and for less than anticipated. For my offsite storage and server, they understood my issues quickly and proposed a solution which was very clear.” beams Trevelyan. Alary Technologies continues help Trevelyan Architect Inc. find the solutions that are right for them on a daily basis – and they find the right process too.

Trevelyan explains, “I prefer the one-step approach. That way I don’t have to negotiate the edges of service whenever I have a problem. It is all in their scope.”

The Outcome: A Skilled & Dependable IT Support Team That Keeps Them Informed & On Track!

Trevelyan Architect Inc. has seen many benefits come their way since signing with Alary Technologies. When discussing what Alary Technologies does to help them, and why they continue service, Trevelyan comments: “It is refreshing to work with someone who can organize things and describe in plain language.”

“I have already recommended Alary Technologies to a physician here in Peterborough.” he says.

Alary Technologies can help you leverage the right IT solutions for success!

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