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Social media has become an integral part of everyday life for many people. From Facebook, to Instagram and Snapchat, a growing number of internet users are embracing the power of instant connection. And while this is par for the course for social life, social media can be useful in the business world, too.

By the year 2025, it’s expected that over 70% of the workforce will be people from the millennial generation. And millennials are very keen on connecting via social media and meeting apps. They have embraced technology much better than other generations. This means that more businesses should be exploring methods of communication that make the most of the digital world in which we live.

Yammer is one of the most well-known social media apps for business platforms, and it’s already working for companies who’ve adopted Office 365. Microsoft has done a great job to ensure its capabilities are primed for the business world, and with Yammer, the potential for team environments is greater than ever before.

There are plenty of benefits to integrating Yammer into your business operations. With the ability to create groups, you have access to instant communication among team members. This makes for a single point of communication that can be used for reference, unlike emails. Not only is Yammer valuable in bringing together teammates, but it’s also got potential to give management an inside look at what employees care about. They can readily explore how team members are using Yammer to enhance productivity and teamwork.

Communicate Efficiently With Yammer Groups

Yammer’s goal is simple: Make communication more effective. In order to achieve this, it’s important for users to familiarize themselves with the wide range of tools at their disposal. If you’re already using Microsoft Office 365, then simply download Yammer to get started.

Yammer groups are a place to share information about projects, ask questions, and communicate openly with your team or department. Join a group by using the search box to check and see if there may be established groups you’re interested in joining.

Create your own group by clicking “create group.” Once you create a group, you can post an update or announcement, conduct a poll or upload files to share with others.

Yammer Microsoft Office 365

One example of a useful group would be an HR Benefits group. This type of company-wide group can be used to ask questions and start conversations about the types of benefits available. Groups are valuable in that they serve as a stored space where people can comment and ask questions with the confidence they will be answered. Too often, emails end up lost or deleted. Yammer Groups are a way to keep important files out in the open, in a centralized location where they’re easily accessible.

Much like Facebook, Yammer allows for a personalized feed to keep you informed about things that matter. You can follow your colleagues by searching for them in the search box. Once you are following another user, you can view their posts in your Following feed. This feature is particularly valuable for large companies with many departments. Following users within your department can make it easier to keep privy of the developments that pertain to you.

Effective Integration

One of the most impressive aspects of Yammer is its capability for integration. Not only can it be used to share live links to documents among a group of teammates, but it also allows users to work within these same files and view each others changes as they happen. Yammer has the ability to link into a Skype call if needed, and it can also link directly to your Office 365 Calendar or Planner. Organization is made much simpler with Yammer in tow.

Mobile App Accessibility

Long gone are the days of clocking in from 8 to 5. For many, the modern day work experience means constant availability. With an ever-increasing number of remote workers joining the workforce, it’s important that communication be accessible even beyond the office. And with Yammer’s mobile app, users can stay connected with teams wherever they go. Users can download the Yammer app and gain access to the same communication tools they’d find in their desktop at the office.

Yammer’s integration with Office 365 also means instant updates. With Yammer updated in line with the rest of Office 365’s apps, this means it will always be current as far as collaboration and efficiency go.

How Can Management Use Yammer?

Communication platforms like Yammer are useful for back and forth conversations and project sharing among teammates. But management can also benefit from this type of open-ended communication. They can use Yammer to evaluate company culture and make improvements by determining what type of content employees are searching for. This also applies to which threads are the most popular, and whether Yammer is effective at delivering the necessary information to the appropriate parties.

Wrap Up

Tools like Yammer have the potential to change the game for companies seeking more effective ways to communicate. Microsoft Office 365 has done the professional world a great service by realizing the power of Yammer to make an imprint in the business world. If your organization is hoping to improve communication and organization, consider subscribing to Office 365 to utilize this exciting range of tools.



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