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Gone are the days when every company worth doing business with relied upon a steady stream of Windows-based computers for their daily technology needs. Due to not only the many groundbreaking advancements in terms of both hardware availability and software functionality, as well as the ever-popular idea of “it just works,” the Apple platform has taken off in a big way over the last decade.

Apple Support

Macs have a lot to offer everyone from financial analysts to software developers, to graphic design companies and every profession in between, but one thing they DON’T natively include are the mission-critical tools your IT team needs to manage and secure these assets. When it comes to not only making sure that everything is secure and up-to-date, but that you’re also leveraging the best in modern technology to your advantage for the highest possible return on investment, only a dedicated IT service company with a specialized background in Apple and Mac platforms will be able to deliver what you need when you need it most.

Doing Business in the Digital Age

There was an age when Mac computers were considered “bulletproof”; unfortunately, those days are over. Though you’re statistically far more likely to run into viruses and other types of malware on Windows than you are in Mac OS X, such a situation can still happen — and it can stop your business in its tracks before you even realize you have a problem.

A dedicated IT support provider that specializes in Apple and Mac platforms can help you streamline this process as much as possible by offering a true turn-key and comprehensive approach to security and management. Thanks to the power of cloud computing, everything you need can be deployed remotely in minutes — from the software your employees use to interact with customers — to the system configurations you need to keep everything locked down tight and more. IT support providers can even perform a full audit of ALL your assets remotely in minutes, allowing you to deal with any small problems now before they have the chance to become much bigger, more expensive ones down the road.

21st Century Asset Management

You may be confident in the fact that your Mac computers “just work” in that they allow you to do your job on a daily basis, but do you really know what is going on underneath the hood? Security and encryption are two of the most powerful weapons that a business has in its arsenal today to ward off the type of devastating cyberattack that could do them harm, but they don’t necessarily have the capability to manage them in the way they MUST to survive.

A dedicated Apple support specialist can not only make sure that all of your Mac drives are encrypted, but that the FileVault encryption keys are also stored in a safe, secure place for all time. They can keep you aware of the warranty dates on all your machines, helping to keep track of your assets as they depreciate. They can help perform a thorough security assessment of every last machine in your network to help make sure that any and all vulnerabilities are squashed now before you leave a virtual “back door” open for any hacker with free time on their hands in the future.

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